Residential and Commercial

Bon Air is a Nest Pro Certified reseller and an installer of Nest products. Contact us to learn how to save money all while running a smarter and healthier home.

Emergency? We are on call 24/7 to solve your heating and air conditioning emergency!

Service plans for maintenance are available – we call it Bon Air Service Plus.
Call our office at 972-263-8839 and one of our friendly customer service associates will be happy to discuss these plans with you in more detail and answer any questions you may have.

Air Conditioning
Staying cool and comfortable is important. Frankly, getting too hot can make you sick. Your comfort is a priority to us at Bon Air Service Company, and as a result, we respond in a timely fashion to all your requests.

Bon Air Service Company realizes that warmth in the wintertime is critical to comfort.   We are committed to addressing issues so get your heat back and functional in a timely manner.  Let us serve you.

North American Technician of Excellence
We are proud to say that we not only employ NATE Certified techs but have just been approved to be a certified testing facility here at Bon Air Service. Please contact us for more information.